Thursday, February 14, 2008

Hongkong Edison Chen Scandal!

This Edison guy seemed to be in very hot topics these days.
I've watched a couple of his Hong Kong movies but he isn't my idol.
I remembered someone who like him though.
She said she watched the "Intial D" movie because of him!
Actually, it was only till yesterday that I went on net to surf about this scandal.
It was like repeating on the newspapers, TV late news...etc for like 2 weeks now!!!
Don't understand why all this big fuss.
Edison Chen, Cecilia Cheung, Gillian Chung, Bobo Chan ...
Hong Kong big celebrities!
Everywhere, everyone's talking about it.
My most surprised find is the Wikipedia. So much is written about this matter!!!
Forums are flooded with comments.
Photos are all over the net...
Reported to have about 1300 photos in all !!!
A lot of people are involved and it's getting more and more complicated.
Families members are also being surronded by reporters.
Especially Cecilia Cheung's husband, Xie TingFeng whom is a celebrity too.
Reporters are probably hunting them.
Being a celebrity is never easy...
Who do you think are the victims of this sex scandal?
My personal view is it's their families members.
It's always people close to you that gets hurts!
It's tough time, just hope all this will end soon for them.
Update : 22 February 2008
I've just finished watching Edison public apologizes in HongKong with the media on 21 February 2008. on YouTube.
He had announced that he will quit the HongKong entertainment showbiz...
His fans must be heartbroken.
It might be a better choice that he leaves now.
At least wait till everything has die down, the investigates are all over...
Let's see in future if he'll will be back!

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