Sunday, December 09, 2007

Free PEZ in mail !

Updated Post on 7th April 2008 with additional photos.

I got a free PEZ in my mail last Friday.
Never seen a PEZ like this before. It's very special.
The PEZ is named "ARAL BOY"
Body parts can be added or detached from the main PEZ.

You must be wondering how I got this !
It's from a wonderful PEZ Community Forum.
As a member you can play a game call "PEZ IT FORWARD"
Ok, to further explain a little example, it works like this ...
Elmo put up a post saying he has a PEZ to give for Free (Including free shipping).
First person to reply to this post gets the PEZ.
Big Bird reply saying he wants the PEZ.
Bingo... Big Bird gets the PEZ.
When Big Bird recevied his PEZ, he will then be Required to post a PEZ for free to others to grab!
First person to reply to this post gets the free PEZ.
And this will go on and on . . . What a great idea !
The person whom sent it to me is Sylvia.
She's very kind and even asked if shipping insurance is preferred.
The PEZ came in a box and is protected by bubble wrap.
Sharing is what makes a hobby more interesting, warm & alive !


Jacquelino said...

This blog, it are cool-ness. Intriguing to maximum with little things and whatnot.

astrogalaxy said...

Thanks Jacquelino,
Glad you like them!
(Sorry to have missed replying to your comments.)

pezboy101 said...

i would like a pez

astrogalaxy said...

hi Pezboy101,
Please visit/join the "PEZ Community" forum if you'll like to know more about PEZ or how to get a free pez! I got my free PEZ from this forum!