Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year 2008

Just another 2 hours plus, I'm entering Year 2008.
My standard new year wish had always been :
1) Lose weight to 80 kg.
2) Strike Lottery, Toto, Lucky Pick...etc.
But it seems that the more I wish the further I get.
Aha... I am getting fatter & fatter as years goes by.
There will be no more dieting... Ha ha ha...
Buy less lottery...
So for this coming year.
I decided to have different new year resolutions :
1) Spend more time with my rabbit(Onxy), family & friends
2) Find a good job
3) Smile more
4) Improve my brain
5) Travel to other country

I would like to take this chance to wish all of you a

What's your 2008 new year wish ?


Monique said...

I think it is interesting, my blog asks what you see leaving w/ the old year and yours asks what you see coming in the new.

2008 is set to be a year of change for me. Change is good, taking the first few steps are scary.

Best Wishes to you.

heavenabove said...

A Happy New Year to you!

In regard to what Monique said,I tend to lean towards the new. I never really thought about what I see leaving with the old year.