Sunday, December 23, 2007

Thailand - Phuket

Plus/Minus this date : 21 June 1994.
Think I was there for about 5 days.
I spent 1 hour everyday at the sea playing Jet Ski.
It was wonderful but expensive. I was still a student.
Almost all the momey I brought there was spent on this.
Aha..but it was worth it.
Not to mention I drank a LOT of seawater too.
Due to constant falling off the Jet Ski.
Additional reward is a bad sunburn because I did not bring any suntan lotion.
But it was really fun.

Did one time on parachuting.
It's not those sky diving type.
Rather safe, I would say.
You can see from the photo that there's some many ropes connecting to me !!
I was quite embarrassed as there were so many people setting up the parachute.
People at the beach were looking.
And I didn't know what to do, I just stood there like a log.
When all was done…
The parachute flew when the yatch power up and speed off.
Actually, one of the men did followed me up the sky.
He simply just hook up and sat on the ropes behind me.
He'll helped me to do the landing because I don't know how to land.
I was like …. Wah !!! Seems so easy to them.
It's an experience I won't forget.

About Phuket, Thailand
Located West coast of Southern Thailand in the Andaman Sea.
890km from Bangkok, Thailand
Thailand's largest Island at 550sq km
Climate / Temperature : 24 - 32 dc (November to March)
Time Zone : GMT/UTC + 07:00 hour
Currency : Thai baht
Country Telephone code / Area Code : 66-76
Electricity : 220-240V, 50 Hz. 220 volts, 50Hz. UK-style three-pin plugs are used.
Population: 313,955 (March 2007)
Ethnic Groups : Thai-Buddhists 71%, Malays 24% & others
Languages : Thai, English


Juliana RW said...

Hi Astro,

I have aunt who lives in Bangkok and not long ago she also travel to Phuket. I never go to Thailand before, but my brother did couple times ;)

astrogalaxy said...


Bangkok is nice place to visit and lots of good food. Everytime I visit Thailand, I went back home with extra pounds. But I can't help it... all looks good!!! The only drawback is the traffic if you travel by car/taxi. Using their public transport train will be fast and more convient. Overall, I love visiting Thailand.