Saturday, March 29, 2008

Candy Toys & Dispensers

Updated Post on 27 February 2009

This section will feature some candies from different countries.
Including some Candy related collectibles.
I will also update in this post whenever I have some new candy addition or candy related stuffs.
Some are repeated from my previous candy post with photos retaken.

This is not a dispenser, it's a handphone strap.
The Lollipop is only about 1cm dia. Very small.
It's a free gift for buying 5 chupa chups.

M&M Sports series.
I brought this at a toy store.
But I suspect this set of M&M might be fake!

Candy Dispensers :
Micro Wizard from Australia.

A Plastic little dispenser that I had never put any candy inside.

A Jelly bean dispenser. This is my favourite brand of jelly beans too!!!

Tweety Gummy container. Opening at the hat.

Candies made in Japan :

The chocolates inside this is nice.
Despite that I've just ate some expired chocolates!!!

Aha, luckily did not have stomachache.

Candies made in Thailand :

Not sure what's inside, probably Cola taste candies.
I didn't open this as it would spolit the can.
Size : 3 cm height

A Whistling little bird

Spin the mouth and eyes would turn!!!

I find these Thailand candies too sweet. Maybe it's more for kids...

Post Additions on 27 February 2009 :
Pokemon Candy mini dispenser
Make : Subarudo / Nintendo
Year : 2008
The dispenser is only 8.5cm in height w/o the Pokemon.
Not sure if this is a complete set.
Couldn't find informations about it on the web.

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