Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Blood Splattered!

When I got home after dinner just now, I was shocked to see blood all over Elmo's cage.
I blinked my eyes...
I thought my eyes were blur or maybe the cage is dirty...
Looked again and it smelled blood.
Elmo was standing a one corner, his back was partially stained with blood.
Tail feathers in a mess...
Elmo looks tired but were looking my way.
At least still alert.
Quickly, I clear out his cage.
Spotted 2 broken feathers.
I suspected Elmo's feathers were caught on the metal chains I used to chain the cuttlebone.
The chain was stucked between the wire mesh flooring.
Even I had a hard time taking it out.
Elmo must have somehow got stuck in between.
Poor thing!
Such a small little bird and lose so much blood.
I wonder if he'll be ok... sad!


Misty Dawn said...

Awwwww - I hope he's ok

astrogalaxy said...

Hi Misty Dawn,
Elmo seemed better today.
As I heard some whistling sounds & is also eating the food.
So should be ok! Thanks!

Elise said...

Oh my God! Poor Elmo! I'm glad he's going to be okay. I had a horrible feeling that the outcome of that story would be really bad.


Sweetiepie said...

Poor Elmo!Is elmo doing ok now?Hope Elmo get well soon.

astrogalaxy said...

Hello Elise,

That day it happened, for a split moment I thought Elmo was dead! Because when I got home, Elmo was standing at one corner, eyes closed... not moving!!!Imagined my fear! Elmo was just too tired due the to blood lost!
Luckily,Elmo is now ok.

astrogalaxy said...

Dear Sweetiepie,

Elmo is fine now. Bathed Elmo yesterday morning to get rid of the blood stains on the body. All seems well!
Thanks for your concern.