Friday, March 28, 2008

Candy Toys from Malaysia

Brand : Good Boy
Distributor : RICO Food
Made : Malaysia
Size of Candy Tube : Dia - 2cm, Height - 10cm
Toy sizes : Varies but huge
Note : Due to the large size of the toy, the dispenser cannot stand by itself!!!

I was at Malaysia a couple of months back looking for PEZ instead I found some Candy Toys.
When I saw a full trays of display of different types at a tibits shop,
I immediately took a liking to a Blue Dinosaur.
You will the picture when you scroll down later.

The toy is connected to the candy tube via a metal spring.
It can be easily detached.
Candy inside the tube is the candy picture you have seen at the top.
Little stars candy!!! I find the colours very sweet looking.

Colourful Cow (19cm). With winding at the back, able to walk.

Little Crabby (18cm). Pull the stings at the side hidden under the legs, the yellow starfish on top would spin.

Fish (18cm) . Pull the stings and the wheels would roll.

Elephant (12cm). Pull strings and the back would light up and moving legs.

Blue Dinosaur (14cm). Pull string and wheels at the bottom will move.

UFO (14cm). Stings at back, pull it and the top would spin with flashing lights and bottom wheels turn.

Water Game (10cm). Press the green button and the rings inside would float around. Get it inside the stand. What a childhood remembrance game!

2 in 1, Jackpot & water game (10 cm)

Back of the Jackpot is the water game.

Police car (15 cm)

Truck (19cm)

Army Helicopter (17cm). Pull spring and header would spin.

Digger Truck (13cm).

For the next couple of days, I will be posting some more about Candy Toys and PEZ.
Hope you'll like it!!!



The toys are a bit mad, I think. But the water game is a blast from the past, I used to play it all the time! Hee hee thanks for making me nostaligic!

Livingsword said...

Hi Astrogalaxy;

That star photo is pretty cool!

I think my fave of the bunch is the Blue Dinosaur, but my wife Chocolate Girl quickly interjected that she thought the best was the Elephant!!!

Are you going to eat them?

astrogalaxy said...

livingsword & chocolate girl,

Mine favourite is the blue dino!!!
As for the candies, I did try one on each different flavours but don't really fancy them. For sweets, I prefer mint flavours!!!

Carlos said...

Dear friend!

We are some spanish students. We were collecting information about the candy world in Asia and we found your web. It´s really cool. Congratulations!

We were wondering about the price of these candy toys, or a PEZ dispenser, you can find in malaisian or singaporian shops. Maybe you could help us.
We would really appreciate it!

Greetings from Madrid.

astrogalaxy said...

Hello Carlos,
I'm glad that you like my blog.
For theses Candy toys, I brought them in Malaysia, from Candy stores and some from Cake shops that sells candies too. They each cost about S$2.00 - SS5.00 (Singapore Dollars) buying them in Malaysia.
But at some shopping centres candy stores, they would sell it at about $10.00 or more.
So it's much cheaper buying at local shops.

As for PEZ in Singapore , the price now is about S$2.50 - S$2.70 each and they are available in most supermarkets and Toys R Us.
Hope it helps!