Thursday, March 20, 2008

HongKong MissOut!

Updated Post on 6 April 2009

Me & Hong Kong...
I had actually wanted to visit Hong Kong this March but cancelled it because there was some flu virus going on.
Funny thing about me is that everytime I want to visit Hong Kong, somehow or another, somehting would happen and I would never be able to travel there...

First time I wanted to visit HK, I ended up booking for a trip to Maldives.

2nd time, I booked for a 8 days travel to HongKong with a BIG local travel agency at the Suntec City travel fair. Packed my stuffs, 3 days before departure, I called the agency to get my tickets, they then only told me that they were unable to get me my hotel. Said it was fully booked. How irresponsible! It's my first and last time to deal with this agency!

3rd time, a friend recommended an agency. I went there, all was well. Got all the informations I need and the service was good. So, the next day, I brought my passport & money to book for the trip! The lady at the agency was off from work. choice, I'll went back 2 days later. Waited outside the agency as the lady was serving some customers. I decided to walk around the building first but when I came back half an hour later, the agency was closed for the day... All the holiday's moods gone. I decided I didn't want to go anymore!

4th time, this was what I've mentioned at the top of my post... Bird flu! So didn't make it this March !!!

I wonder should I try one more time? Or should I simply just chose another country for a holiday!Aha... whatever it is, I just hope that the next time I plan to visit Hong Kong, all will be well & smooth...

Post Additions on 6 April 2009 :
I was finally able to visit Hong Kong last month, end of March for 5 days.
I'm still in the midst of sorting out my photographs before I could post any here.
This trip was decided in a rush, about 2 weeks before the departure.
I would say it was a good and fun trip overall.
The weather was rather misty and cold but no rain while I was there.
Except that I was sick from day 1 to the last day of the trip!
I vomitted most badly on the 2nd day.... yucks!
Even till now, I'm still feeling unwell due to gastric, giddy and a little of breathless feeling...
But on the bright side, I got to see the Panda bears and visit Disneyland.
And I finally make it there! LOL!


Diana said...

Oh no! Maybe you have to pretend you're really going somewhere else? :-)


Hey Astrogalaxy, that's REALLY bad luck. Maybe it's trying to tell you something though? Maybe it's like karma or something where if you DO go, then something unknown (good or bad) might happen to you. Well don't want to put you off, it's just my theory!

astrogalaxy said...


LOL, this might work.
Have a nice weekend!

astrogalaxy said...


You've hit the jackpot!
I was actually feeling this way...
Either something good or bad would happen!!