Monday, March 24, 2008

LOST in Posting

Have you ever stared at the computer for hours thinking what to post on your site?
And nothing much actually comes about???
Well, that's exactly what I was doing for the entire evening.
I was thinking of doing some stuffs about Star Wars since I've not written anything for so long about my this crazy collecting hobby.
But somehow this didn't make it as I am so lazy to take out the toys to photograph them...
I ended up doing a post on my another blog :
Just in case, you are not aware I do have another site. It's the link above.
That site would mainly consists of places I've visited but I've only managed to done up for Malaysia and Thailand at the moment.
Please do visit and give some comments...
Allright, back to this posting post!
Here I am scratching my head, looking lifeless in the centre of my home living room.
Minutes passes like hours.
My head is still empty.
I guess I'll be better off playing with Elmo today...
Not a productive day!!!

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