Monday, July 09, 2007

Eating Fish Alive !

I was watching the 10 o'clock news today and was SHOCKED to see that there is actually a resturant in Taiwan that served "LIVE" fish on the table !!!!
How could they do this !! My anger rose.
The fish body was being put in the pan of HOT BOILING Oil,
fish head was covered with a towel.
Afterwhich, it was put on a plate, sauce over the fish and served alive.
On the table, the fish was still seen breathing.
Mouth opening and closed.
It was reported that the fish can last about another half hour !!!
The customers was taking the flesh of the fish out bit by bit and into their mouths. I want to PUKE !
Just how could they eat it ! Don't they know how painful the fish was?
This is animal ill treatment, cruelty to animals......
This dish ought to be banned. The newsreporter said that the local authority had requested this restaurant to stop this dish but I don't know if it was STOPPED !! Anyone knows ?
It should not be a request, it should be a DEMAND ! Ban it !
There are many ways to make money, everyone also wants to make money but not like this please.....

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heavenabove said...

Yeah, this is a sick thing to do. Definitely animal cruelty. But there are lots of places that serve food like this as some sort of "delicacy." Twisted!

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