Monday, July 23, 2007

Elvis Collectibles

This post is updated on 28 March 2008 with full replacement of new pictures.

Welcome to my Elvis Presley BLVD !

Zippo Lighters :
Although I do not smoke, I do fancy Zippo lighters.
They have many varieties and the workmanship is alway very good.
This Graceland 50th anniversary edition is my favourite.
Limited to 5000 pcs worldwide.

Another 2 Elvis Zippo Lighters collection.

This is a cigratte holder & lighter box.
Not an official Elvis product.
Brought this in Thailand, Bangkok.

Elvis Collectibles Coins :

Theme : Elvis Presley 25th Anniversary 1977-2002
Back of the coin is the US silver eagle. Genuine coin by Morgan Mint.
Year : 2002

Theme : Offical colourized state quarters - Special 25th anniversary edition
Back of the coin shows a Tennessee 1796 Muscial Heritage : 2002
Genuine coin by Morgan Mint. A box with 10 coins.
Year : 2004

Elvis poker cards with different Elvis pictures.

Elvis Keychain brought at Elvis Concert in Singapore.

Metal Car License Plate.

I found this Elvis Hard Rock Cafe 1935-1977 pin in a Sunday market.
This is the only Elvis pin I have beside the Elvis insider pin.

Elvis T-shirt in a box. Unofficial product.
I got this in Thailand, Bangkok.

Sometimes, I would wear this sunglass and walk around the house, pretending to be Elvis! Aha...
Laughters always follows ...

Elvis cap with printed signature and an elvis official logo at the back.

This is my elvis membership certificate and membercard.
The fan club also gave me a sticker and an Elvis Pin.

Diecast Cars :
I collect Hotwheels, Tomy and Matchbox cars.
This is my another favourite Elvis collectibles.

Car with stickers "He Dared To Rock". I think it's COOL!

Elvis Games Collectibles :
An Elvis trivia game box.
Didn't play this game because I didn't open the cards.
Kept it sealed, so I don't know what is this Elvis trivia about...
Very nice metal tin box !

When I know there was a ELVIS monopoly, I was so happy.
I remembered I used to play monopoly with my cousins & neighbour when I was a kid.

A Elvis Magnet
When I ordered for it, I had actually wanted to stick it on my fridge.
But when it came, I decided to kept it orignal.
Can't bear to take it out.
(This photo is the only photo not changed in this post. As I couldn't find this item???)

FRAME Collectibles :
My only frame record.
Title "Wear My Ring Around Your Neck."
Wish I can have more but they are very expensive to me.
I brought this at the Elvis concert in Singapore.
I didn't hang it up my wall because I was worried that it might fall off and crash one day, so I have it in my shelf. Safer that way !
Pardon me for being paranoid !

This is a limited edition Toon Collectible "Tender Me Tender" collection.
Limited to 5000 pcs and my number is 571 of 5000.
I ordered this because I like the dreamy look in Elvis and black & white photographs.

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