Saturday, July 21, 2007

ELVIS Trivia

Name : Elvis Aron Presley
Born : 8 January 1935, 4.35 am
Died : 16 August 1977 (Age 42), 3.30 pm
Parents : Vernon & Gladys Presley
Height : 6'
Weight : 168 pounds (In 1950s), 258 pounds (In 1970s)
Hair : Blond ( Dyed Black)
Eyes : Blue
Blood Type : O+
Shoe Size : 11 D

Traces of Elvis : Places he lived
Tupelo :
1935-1940, 306 Old Saltillo Road. Was built by Vernon and Vester.
1940-1941, Moved into Vester's house, Reese Street.
1942, Rented Apartment at Kelly Street
1945-1946, Berry Street. Minnie Mae also lived together with them.
Commerce Street Apartment
510 Maple Street, moved into Glady's Cousin Frank Richards house.
Mulberry Alley
1010 North Green Street.
Memphis :
1948-1949, Boarding house w/ other 15 families. 572 Poplar Avenue.
1949-1953, Federally funded housing , rent $35 monthly. 185 Winchester Street Apt. 328 (Lauderdale Courts).
1953, Rented apartment. 698 Saffarans Street.
1953-1954, 462 Alabama Street.
1954-1955, 2414 Lamar Avenue.
1955-1956, 1414 Getwell Street.
1956-1957, 1034 Audubon Drive. Elvis first purchased house.
Elvis in Army :
1958-1959, 14 Goethestrasse, Bad Nauheimm, West Germany.

Favourites of Elvis :
Drink : Pepsi Cola
Cigar : Roi-Tan Blunts
Food : Peanut Butter, Mashed Potatoes, Cheeseburgers
Toothpaste : Colgate
Co-stars : Ann-Margret, Nancy Sinatra
Films : Patton, Dr. Stangelove, Monty Python & the holy grail, Party, Pink Panther, Dirty Harry's flims
Books : Bible, Face of Jesus, Impersonal Life, Prophet, Shroud of Turin (The book he was reading when he died)

Elvis Trivia :
Elvis was Private 53310761 in US Army

Elvis Father - Vernon was born on 19 April 1916 to Jessie McClowell Presley and Minnie Mae Hood Presley in Mississippi.
Elvis Mother - Gladys Love Smith was born on 25 April 1912 to Robert Lee Smith and Doll Mansell Smith in Mississippi.
They married on 17 June 1933.

Elvis had a lot of guitars, mostly gave them away. The last remaining 15 guitar is now in Graceland. The oldest would be a Gibson J200.


heavenabove said...

What do you think of Elvis'& Priscilla's daughter Lisa Marie? I think she looks just like him. She's also a very good singer.

astrogalaxy said...

I don't own any of her CD. Heard she's a good singer too.
She do looks alot like Elvis.
Don't know much about her but she's been quite active in charity works helping needys. So I think she's a nice person.