Friday, July 20, 2007

PEZ just arrival !

34 PEZ has arrive today from US. I'm so excited about this package because I've not own any US pez.
In Singapore, the importer import from europe. So I've never seen a PEZ in a bag.
The candy have a lots of varieties too and I am so tempted to eat it.

The US package allows me to see the PEZ better in a bag but you have to take some time to turn the PEZ back to face the front. Since it's all in plastic, it's waterproof !!
As for the European version with the cardboard behind and a fixed PEZ look in front, you cannot see the back of the PEZ. Both are nice.
I'm fine with either of the packaging. Does not really matters to me as long as I have the PEZ I want.
I've ordered a McSquizzy from the Open Season too althought it was different from my other 3 open season european PEZ.
I love the Muppets & Sesame Street sets.
Will take more pictures of these sets in future.

Elvis and Star Wars arrived last week from the US too. This is my first ordered PEZ. The star wars was loose, so I use BlueTacks to stick them on my shelves. Ain't they cute ?

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