Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Finally...My internet works !

I was not able to serve the net since last Saturday when I changed my dial-up plan to broadband. Only then I realise how important the internet was to me. Felt something was missing, not be able to access my blog or e-mails. Guess I am addicted to the net. Imagine all the trouble trying to get connect. Bring the modem here and there. Asked the service provider, asked the modem company, call the technical help line. To say the truth, I was losing my patient. Finally, they sent a technical guy down to fix the problem, it was due to some missing link in their network ........Argh,,,,,, whatever !! I'm Back !!!
Will be adding a section for Elvis soon. Still trying to do more research and take pictures of my Elvis collectibles. Do come back later if you like Elvis. Meanwhile, I'm back to surfing again........

1 comment:

heavenabove said...

Hard to live without internet. I think I'm addicetd to it also.

Sorry to here about your rabbit.