Wednesday, July 25, 2007


I am wondering about this tagging thing.
I mean, write 8 things about ourselves and tag 8 other bloggers.
This is something like a chain letter except that it doesn't curse you for not following, which is good.
I spent my entire afternoon today trying to find interesting blogs to tag.
Tagged 2 blogs which I like which left me 6 more to go !
Have also found a few blogs of interest but I can't tag them as they are already being tag.
Imagine being tag many times !
It would have become a chore to write 8 things plus find 8 people over and over again.
Maybe a new rule can be added that no matter how many times you are tagged, you need to write 8 things or find 8 bloggers only once as minium requirement.
This is just my thoughts.
I'm not the one who started this so I can't change anything !!
For viewing, my tag is listed under "8 tags" in July 2007.

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