Wednesday, July 18, 2007

For The Love of ELVIS

I was shopping at Carrefour in 2003 and came across a VCD. Titled : Elvis 56.
I know who Elvis was but I've never really listen to any of his songs or watched his movies.
Out of curiosity, I brought the VCD.
I've expected to see just a singer singing and in 1950s, would probably be just standing there singing. Like a woodblock.
But Elvis was different and I still think he's the one and only.
There's something magical about him.
His voice, moves and music was unique.
The songs he sang seems ALIVE .
That was what attracted me.
From that day onwards, Elvis became the Idol of my life.
There are so many published books about Elvis that I don't think anyone knows exactly how many are there.
Elvis is just about everywhere.
Elvis mechandised are countless.
There is Cookie Jar, Doormat, Lunchbox, Pens, Guitar…. Just about anything.
It was really difficult to compile something complete.
Or maybe even impossible,as the data is ever increasing with all the Elvis activities going on.
I was lucky to be able to attend an Elvis concert in Singapore, August 2004.
It was a very special experience for me.

Sometimes, reading Elvis books kind of makes me feel a little sad.
Felt that he was lonely. Even though he was always surrounded by people.
I really don't know. I'm not there so I can't comment.
Only people with him most knows the best.
I won't be writing anything about his last day, it's too sad.
Everytime I read about Elvis last few final hours, I can't help feeling down.
But there are times I felt motivated by Elvis too.
It's his music. His songs.
So much energy and life in his songs.
His songs will just perk anyone up.
It's his songs that attracts a large crowd of fans in the world today.
The King lives in our heart
And will always be …………


heavenabove said...

My mom got to see Elvis I think in Philadelphia when I was just a tiny kid. She loves him too. I remember the day he died, we were on a family vacation in Yellowstone. My mom saw the news in the paper then she was crying for days.

astrogalaxy said...

Wow... your mom very lucky to see Elvis in person.