Saturday, September 20, 2008

Jacelyn Tay and Qi YuWu

Date : 6 September 2008
Time : 6 -7 pm
Jacelyn Tay 郑秀珍 and Qi YiWu 戚玉武 at Takashimaya Shopping Centre

As I was coming down from the escalator at Takashimaya shopping centre.
I saw a crowd of people crowding around a comestic counter at level 1.
Then I heard someone talking... I recongized it immediately that it was the voice of Jacelyn Tay.
I told my friend and she thought I was joking.
We managed to squeeeeezeee into the crowd.
It was her and there was also Qi YuWu.
Both are also the artistes I like.
They were invitied for the Paul and Joe cometic.
I think spent S$50 and you be able to take pictures with them.

This is the first time I saw Jacelyn Tay and she has a very fair and glowing skin.
Although now that she's no longer an actress but a successful business woman.
Do hope that if possible, she could again act in some of the TV dramas.
I find her acting very good.

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