Saturday, September 27, 2008

Gundam - Haro

Haro is from Gundam Anime.
Haro is a robot companion built by Gundam's main character - Amuro Ray.
It can speak a little and has the ability to hover in air by flapping its ears.
Haro in Gundam anime is about the size of a baseball.

Mini Haro Collection :
Make : Bandai
Ist released in 2003
If close the ear of Haro, each round haro has a diameter of 3cm.
Haro height with display stand is about 4.5cm.
Haro comes in a little box and you can't see which one is inside.
Some stores do actually open it up for sale.
Which I think is very good, so I won't get duplicate ones.
My collection is not in a complete set.
I usually only pick up those I find adorable.
(Though I'm regretting not buying the 1st edition complete set...)
There is about 10 different sets of Haro if I'm not wrong.
If 12 Haro x 10 sets, there's about 120 Haro to collect!!!
Wah...stress ah!!!
A tiny rubber is attached to the display stand.
When you put the Haro on it after sometime, it'll stick on the Haro.
Preventing Haro from falling all over the place.

Haro 2003 : 1st Edition
Total of 12 different Haro in this series.
These are some of the Haro from the 1st released.
I've only 5 out of 12.
If you already have a complete set, you are really lucky.
Because it is now very very hard to find...

Haro 2004 (Pink Box) :
Total of 12 different Haro in this series.

Artist Puffy Haro

Number 4 Haro

Animal Haro

Mobile Suit Haro

Mimic Haro

Solid Orange Haro

Haro 2004 (Blue Box) :
Total of 12 different Haro in this series.

Animal Haro

Mobile Suit Haro

Pattern Haro

Mobile Suit NT1 Alex Haro

Mobile Suit Haro

Artist Haro

This is a bigger haro.
It can be open into halve with a gundam figuring inside.

Cute Haro Coin Bank

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