Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Kung Fu Panda

My Kung Fu Panda PEZ arrived from Sweden today!
I am so happy and these PEZ are so adorable and smart looking!!!
This is also my first time receiving something from Sweden.
A place that's very far away from mine!
It's also a place I would really like to visit someday...
Thank you F.N. for your PEZ!

The stamps are very nice and it'll goes into my stamp collections.

Kung Fu Panda PEZ
Left to Right : Monkey, Po, Tigress and Master Shifu

I like Kung Fu Panda movie very much.
I usually don't laugh much when I watched movies but this one.... Haaaaaaa ahaha
It got me laughing!
Highly recommended movie to watch.

My favourite quote is from Master Ooyway (Turtle) :

Yesterday is history...
Tomorrow is mystery...
but today is a gift!
That is why it's called PRESENT

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