Friday, September 19, 2008

Switzerland - Rheinfall

We got near the Rheinfall at Switzerland in the very early morning.
About 7am and I'm not really fully awake yet even though I had a great helping at breakfast.
It is Europe's largest waterfall.
I can feel the power of the water, flowing and hitting the rocks.
A very magnificent sight to behold.

Rheinfall Data :
Approx. Age : 16,000 years
Width : 150m
Height : 23m
Depth : 13m
Average flow in summer: 600 m³/s
Average flow in winter: 250 m³/s
Lowest flow ever: 95 m³ (in 1921)
Highest flow ever: 1250 m³ (in 1965)


Roman Brumlík said...

Your site is very interesting. I invite you to their site

astrogalaxy said...

Thanks Roman,
Going over there now!