Sunday, September 28, 2008

CI Boys

Updated Post on 16 October 2008, 17 November 2008

CI Boys
Make : Itrangers Lab Ltd
CI Boys, also known as "Naughty Boys".
These are rather cute looking mini collectibles.

CI Boys Monster Series 3
Total of 10 + 2 special in this series.
A set with Deri as the main character only.

Deri Sea Monster

Deri Hellkeeper

Deri Zombie

Deri Devil 666

Deri Vampire

Deri Cat Evil

Deri Big Foot

Deri River Beast

Deri Spooky Wolf

Deri Mummy

CI Boys Series 3.5 - Go West
Red Babe

This CI Boy was given free with purchase of a Toy Magazine.

Many other characters were released.
Now, CI boys has a total of 9 different characters :
Deri - A rebel against everything.
Nomi - A destroyer of things that annoy him.
Hiro - Look's tough but is actually fragile.
Poka - The Pessimistic one!
Go - IT gadgets craze.
Migu - Most relaxed guy.
To-7 - Mr shy guy, very timid character.
X-Cite - Love to challenge. Extreme gamer.
Uni - Considered the happiest among the boys.

Post Additions on 16 October 2008 :
CI Boys - Series 2 - Animal Series
Year : 2002

Post Additions on 17 November 2008 :
CI Boys - Series 2 - Animal Series
Year : 2002

CI Boys - Series 2 - Animal Series
Year : 2002

CI Boys - Series 2 - Animal Series
Year : 2002


heavenabove said...

These are some neat little toys. I have not heard of them before.

astrogalaxy said...

hello heavenabove,
Glad to hear from you again!
Hope all's well for you...

sharry (lazyfunk819 AT gmail DOT com) said...

I have these too! Very nice collectibles. Too bad it's so hard to get them locally now. I got some old series 3" boxsets and special edition extras, u interested? :p

astrogalaxy said...

Hi sharry,
Thanks for the offer but I don't intend to get any at the moment.

☆May☆ said...

hi there, i recently starting my own collection of Ci Boy. Interested in your set of collection. may i know where you got it from.

astrogalaxy said...

hi may,
I brought it from various toy stores many years ago. If you are in Singapore, you might be able to find them at the China Square Central toy stores. More stalls will be open there on every Sunday.
Happy Collecting!

malthai said...

Im frm malaysia,may i noe wer can i get ciboys Deri Zombie?
my email

hope 2 get ur reply soon thz

astrogalaxy said...

Hi malthai,
I got this many years ago, didn't see any in stores recently. I think the best bet is to go to ebay.