Thursday, September 18, 2008

Austria - Innsbruck

Innsbruck is the capital city of western Austria.
It's a very beautiful place located in the broad valley between high mountains.
A city with about 110.000 residents.
People were also friendly and I had my first MacDonald lunch in Austria.
Places were all very well kept and the building's were painted with vibrant colours.
This is also one of the places in Europe which I liked very much.

Golden Roof (Goldenes Dachl)
Built in 1500.
Decorated with 2657 fire-glided copper tiles for Maximilian I Roman Emperor.

An old district town of Innsbruck with the famous Golden Roof.
From here, one can also view the alps at the end.
It's too faint to see in here in these photo.
But when we were they, the location gave us a very spectacular view.

There was a Swarovski crystal shop location in the pinkish orange building.
I got my eyes set on a crystal miniature grand piano. The price were I think about 40% cheaper than what I have to pay for it in my own country. But I didn't buy it as I was afraid it might break during my travel. I was already been paranoid over the Michelangelo's david stone statue I've brought in PISA. It's about 2ft in height with a marble stand. I got in wrap up with all tons of tissue and a big did however finally arrive home in one piece!
Hehe, now I'm in a bit of regret for not buying that crystal piano... ... ...

Postcard Image of Leopold Fountain (Leopoldsbrunnen Fountain)
A statue of Archduke Leopold V (1619-1632) riding a horse.
I was there when it was already dark and my photos...oh well, was also dark in the background!
This is price of not reading the camera manual properly before travel...aha!

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