Monday, September 15, 2008


Liechitenstein is located in the Upper Rhine valley of the European Alps.
A doubly landlocked alphine country bordered by Switzerland and Austria.
Doubly landlocked country means a landlocked country surrounded by other landlocked countries.
A person in such a country has to cross at least two borders to reach a coastline.
There are only two doubly landlocked countries in the world.
One is Liechtenstein in Central Europe and the other is Uzbekistan in Central Asia.
Liechitenstein is also the 6th smallest independent nation in the world by land area.
Their official language is German and currency used is Swiss Franc.

On my way to Lichtenstein, we stopped by at one of the highway checkpoint.
The town gives me a sense of peace and I wish I could live in places like these.
Away from the noisy city and bright lights...

Image captured while travelling in the coach.
Along the way, we passed by many beautiful houses like this.

I did not stop to stay overnight in this place.
It was very rush and we managed to only grab a few bars of chocolates and we were on our way again before the day turns dark.

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