Saturday, September 20, 2008

Switzerland - Mount Titlis

Switzerland - Mount TitlisA glacier paradise with ice and snow at 10,623 feet (3,238m) and highest viewpoint in Central Switzerland.
In the mountain of Urner Alps located in the canton of Obwalden in Switzerland.
A the entrance of Mount Titlis, March 1999.
The scenery and surroundings here was enough to take my breath away.

A photo I cut out from a brochure and pasted in my photo album.
Showing a Rotair.
We went up the mountains by three different cable cars.
Last one was the Rotair - first revolving cable car in the world.

First Adventure...Into an ICE CAVE!

We were so excited and my tour guide kept saying "Air is thin up there, if you feel breathless or unwell, please come down immediately..."
But on one seem to be hearing what the tour guide was saying.
Everyone was busy looking for their best spots to take photos.
Anyway, the air up there was the purest and best, in my point of view.
We all got crazy throwing snow all over the place.
A very fun place to be and of course the view is simply spectacular.

Although I was very happy to be there but a bad thing happened to me.
I was rolling all over on the snow... so happily that I forgotten about my videocamera in my bag.
It's was... ... crushed! The viewing screen broke!!!
That's the price for rolling on the snow...
Anyway, I did continued to use the videocam. It was still able to function with the normal recording.
Only thing is that I've to connect in to the TV at home for viewing.
Cannot view on the videocam anymore...

Who says at the top of the mountains, you'll feel lonely?
Look at these crowds...

Even though, I've accidently broke my videocam, I was still able to enjoy very much my day there.
No use crying over split milk. Can't be undone and I might as well enjoy my limited time there.
Mount Titlis is a place, I would like to visit again if I have a chance.
Then I would really try to learn how to ski...